Top-Selling Video Games of 2009

Top-Selling Video Games of 2009

Now that another year has come to a close, it’s time to create a million and one best-of-the-best lists for the previous year. Even with a worldwide recession, gaming was stronger than ever. Here’s a rundown of the top-selling video games for the year 2009:

1. Wii Fit.

This exercise game was not only the best-selling console game in 2009, but it’s also become the second best-selling, non-bundled console video game in the history of the world. Wii Fit has received mostly positive reviews. One of the main criticisms of the game is that it doesn’t provide its players with vip168 a serious workout. Then again, it could be argued that those who want that probably wouldn’t be playing a lot of video games anyway.

2. Wii Play.

This laser-centered game for the Wii is actually a collection of nine games. While it received high marks for its playability, criticisms included the individual games’ predictability and redundancy. Still, the game became a smash hit. In fact, Wii Play has become the best-selling non-bundled console video game of all time.

3. Pokemon Platinum Version.

Ironically, while this game was only an upgrade from the game “Pokemon Diamond and Pearl,” it was a huge success. It also received rave review for the features that it contains, including its enhanced graphics and interface.

4. Mario Kart.

This go-cart-inspired game helped to introduce a new generation of gamers to the popular Nintendo characters. The series was launched in 1992. This version became extremely successful and even broke several Guinness World Records. It includes some past famous characters from the series, including Donkey Kong Jr., Yoshi, Koopa Troopa, and of course-Mario and Luigi.

5. Resident Evil 5 (Xbox 360).

Ironically, this is the seventh game in the series from Capcom. The reviews for the game were basically positive. Although trailers for Resident Evil 5 received some initial criticism, the game had over four million worldwide downloads while the service was available for the Xbox Live and PlayStation Store formats